Hiroshima Is Honored By The U.S. President’s Visit

Some meaningful and symbolic news are coming to Japan as the U.S. president visits Hiroshima to pay respects to the victim of the terrible nuclear bombing that occurred 71 years before. On Friday, May 27th, the president of the United States Barak Obama visited Memorial Park in Hiroshima as well as the notorious bomb site.

The nuclear attack on Hiroshima left more than 100 000 families without one of their relatives of a closer family member. Among Japanese citizens, there were also Korean casualties which count in thousands, and also American soldier that were prisoners of war at the time the bombs fell.

 This monstrous decision to end to war by dropping nuclear bombs on Hiroshima is something that the Japanese citizens will remember for a long time.

President Barack Obama is aware of the state of mourning the public is, so he prepared a respectful and motivating speech that lifted the crowd toward forgiveness and acceptance of the situation.
There is nothing we can change to undo the things that occurred more than 70 years ago. All we can do is to pay our respects to the lost lives and look in the eyes of human nature’s desire to destroy and make sure it doesn’t happen again. President Obama wants the only one from the presidential delegation to visit Hiroshima but is the first sitting president to visit Hiroshima. Among other members of the board, Susan Rice also accompanied American president to the site of the nuclear bombing.
Ever since the U.S. ended the war by sending two nuclear warheads to Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the relations between these two countries are stirred as they are burdened by the events in recent history.

The U.S. President’s appearance wasn’t expected as the public confirms. The speech that uplifted the crowd at Memorial Park in Hiroshima leads to a direct contact of one member of the public and the U.S. president. The president and local Shiegaki Mori embraced each other in a form of a hug, exchanging few words of respect addressed to each other.

Other members of the public were not so thankful for the gesture of the U.S president. Some of the interviewed locals stated that they don’t want an apology.
There is a memorable inscription in the park that the president visited that quotes “we shall not repeat the evil”, as it took the attention of the U.S. President.

The white house states that this visit of President Obama doesn’t question or revise Truman’s decision that made history by ending the war. Whether this can be an official apology to the people of Japan the public press is still discussing.
President Barack Obama mentioned during his speech that there are no actual words to express the sorrow he or the American people feel regarding this devastating nuclear attack. He also added that all they can do is offer an apology and feel the remorse as a mutual feeling towards the origin of human nature- destruction.

    Jeffrey Hoffman

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