Obama’s Visit To Japan

Recently, Obama met with Japanese representatives in Hiroshima. He became the first American president to visit that area, and he did that so they could begin their cooperation. However, many will say that this cooperation isn’t coincidental. Some may say that Japan is already American outpost to China and Russia. This complicated relations can be connected with the incidents happened in 2013.

Japan operated with two territorial disputes with China and Russia. When it comes to China, Tokyo has purchased the islands, which the Japanese call Senkaku, while the Chinese Diaoyu was bought in September 2012 from a private owner. China and Japan around these islands lead decades-long conflict, which culminated when the state bought the Japanese islands, which the Chinese consider their own. The islands are uninhabited, but the water around them is rich with oil and gas. Chinese people strongly oppose the move to Japan, which then led to mass demonstrations in Beijing.

Then they reduced the trade cooperation between the two countries, while in China fought with protests that were erupted demanding the boycott of Japanese goods. That led to reducing the sales of Japanese cars in China. Japan, on the other hand, significantly reduced exports of goods to China. However, the consequences of these conflicts were not only economic. The two countries were virtually on the brink of military conflict. Analysts have long warned about the possibility of military conflict which would have incalculable consequences. Very often there was a close encounter ship Chinese and Japanese Navy. One of the most serious incidents occurred when a Chinese frigate allegedly involved radar homing missiles to the Japanese destroyer. Then Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe demanded an apology and recognition of Beijing that the Chinese frigate radar directed towards the Japanese destroyer in international waters. The request followed immediately after the Chinese Defense Ministry denied that the radar system was focused and locked on a Japanese destroyer, where the accused Tokyo to promote the fame of China threat. Also in 2013, near the disputed islands was erupted the incident in which they were involved warplanes of two naval aviation.

Japan has sent planes to the region to oversee type E – 767 and E – 2C so they could be able to monitor the movement of Chinese fighter aircraft. In the aforementioned incident were involved most modern Chinese hunters type J -10 and the Navy plane JH +7. Japan and they were there to meet Chinese hunters immediately with their cutting-edge fighter jets F- 15J US production and then followed the Chinese planes retreat.

They said that they have violated the airspace over the disputed islands, but they fly within what Tokyo title defense identification zone.

These things aren’t so available to the Medias. Although, some may say that this is just a conspiracy theory. But you may think about it. Why Americans always go to war, surely they don’t like that. Who normal likes war? But we should thank Obama because he tries to make a piece because let’s face it, Hiroshima situation changed the world and it’s important not to repeat.

    Jeffrey Hoffman

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