The US President Finally Visited Hiroshima

It finally has happened. The event that was coming in the previous month finally came through. Barak Obama, the US president, who will be soon leaving that position, came to Japan and went to see the town of Hiroshima, infamously known for the first victim of the atomic bomb.

All news had reported from this event because it was surely a significant historic moment and this moment will redefine foreign affairs of both countries.Barak Obama was the first US president to visit Hiroshima. He laid a wreath at the memorial complex dedicated to victims of the first nuclear attack in the world and called for the reduction of nuclear stockpiles and he also called for cleaning of the world from nuclear weapons. He said that Before 71 years, death came from heaven, and the world has changed after he laid a wreath and paid tribute to the victims of the attack that was carried out by the US in this city in western Japan in 1945. Obama said that the memory of August 6, 1945 must never fade and that the bombing showed that humanity possesses the means to destroy itself. He also claimed that the souls are telling us, and they are asking us to look into ourselves, adding that technological advances can be without a moral revolution to condemn to failure. Obama has called for a global reduction of nuclear weapons, pointing out that the world has a shared responsibility to wonder how to prevent recurrence of such calamities, according to. American President in the memorial complex signed the book of visitors, where he left a message: We learned about the horrors of war. Let us now, together, find the courage to spread peace and strive towards the world without nuclear weapons. Obama briefly talked to people who survived the bombing of Hiroshima.

As it was announced, the US president did not apologize for the decision of the US bombing of 1945. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said at the memorial complex that Obama’s visit to Hiroshima opened a new chapter of reconciliation for the United States and Japan, saying that he sincerely respects Obama’s courageous decision to visit Hiroshima. Abe said that the tragedy of what befell Hiroshima must never be repeated. Prime Minister of Japan said that he and Obama are committed to the realization of a world without nuclear weapons, no matter how difficult it may be. Tokyo and Washington are hoping that Obama’s symbolic gesture of laying a wreath at the site where the first atomic bomb in the world was released put emphasis on their alliance and breathe life into efforts aimed at the abolition of nuclear weapons.

To remind, in Hiroshima on 6 August 1945, at the end of the Second World War, the first atomic bomb was thrown, killing a total of about 140,000 people. In the explosion was killed tens of thousands of people, while others died from injuries sustained on that occasion, or from diseases caused by radiation in the coming weeks, months and years.

    Jeffrey Hoffman

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